What’s the Best Day of the Week to Post a Job Ad?

Job ads are an integral part of the hiring process, and an exciting first step in the task of finding employees that will enrich your business. The success of your job ad depends on numerous things, and one of these things is when you post the ad. Posting your job ad at the right time is crucial; there are tons of job advertisements being posted all the time, and posting yours when people are less likely to see it means it could quickly find its way to the bottom of the search results.

Luckily, this is a relatively easy fix. More information is coming out all the time about job searchers’ habits, and in the last few years, we’ve gotten a much better idea of how to tailor job ads to prospective candidates’ schedules. Here’s a helpful guide for the best times to post a job ad.

Monday, Monday, Monday

In the current job market, Mondays have been proven to be the best day to post a job ad. It’s the most heavily trafficked day on job search engines, and the day that prospective employers receive the most applications from potential candidates. Job hunters tend to have more energy at the beginning of the week, and the first day of a new week also has the tendency to feel ripe with potential. A fresh week can represent a fresh attempt at finding a job.

Following closely behind Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are also great days for job ads, both receiving significantly higher traffic than days later in the week. Like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday still carry with them the potential for change and new beginnings, and job hunters likely still have enough energy for the arduous business of looking for a job.

Avoid Weekends

A popular misconception still widely in circulation is that Friday is the best day to post your job ad. In fact, Friday is one of the worst days you can choose to have your job ad go live. The false impression that Friday is your best bet comes from a practical place. In the days before the internet was used for finding employment, job ads would be placed in the Friday paper because of the spike in readership that always took place over the weekend. However, the way people find jobs has changed, with the internet replacing the classified section.

A recent study found that 79% of Americans used the internet while looking for a job. This means that job hunters have job ads at their fingertips at all times of day, and the old time constrictions no longer apply. Statistics show that there are much fewer job searches taking place on Friday, and even fewer on Saturday. By Friday, job hunters are looking to enjoy their weekend. Having come to the end of their working week, the stress that might have driven them to look for a job during the week has largely dissipated.

Best Time of Day

The time of day is also integral to the success of your job ad. Statistics show that there is more activity in the morning—between leaving for work and during the commute—and during lunch hours, when employees looking for a new job have time to kill before going back to work.

While you may think that after-work hours would be the optimal time to post a job ad, people are actually less likely to peruse job sites after traditional work hours. Therefore, the best time to post your job ad is in the morning. This will ensure that when job hunters begin their search, your job ad finds itself to the top of the pile.

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