What’s the Best Day to Post a Job Ad?

Being in the job posting business, this is a question we should get all the time. But we don’t. That’s likely because many people mistakenly believe they already know the best day to post a job ad.

It’s Friday! Right? Don’t many job seekers use the weekend to find a new line of work?

Actually, no, it’s quite the opposite.

The Fitzii hiring platform processes thousands and thousands of job applications, so looking at our activity logs is a great way to see when job seekers are actually looking at your ads. The stats clearly point to Monday (or Sunday night) as the best time to post your job ad. NOT Friday.

Posting on Monday will put your job ad at the top of search listings for the most popular span of activity, which is early in the week. Posting on Friday actually positions your ad on top of the lowest activity – the weekend.

Here’s the stats from the Fitzii Hiring Platform:

So try to post your jobs on Mondays and use this little trick of the trade to boost the visibility of your next job ad. Or don’t, if you’re actually targeting only those dedicated job seekers who’ll use the weekend to apply!

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