When to Make a Hiring Decision

While at times it may feel tedious, the hiring process is actually an exciting part of any business. Hiring is a great opportunity for further growth and reinvigoration in the workplace; new employees bring in fresh insight and ideas that can expand your business in ways you couldn’t imagine. As an integral part of any business, knowing when to make hiring decisions is a big part of the equation. Consider this your guide for the best times to make a hiring decision.

Overworked Employees

It’s important to pay attention to the concerns of your workforce. If employees are telling you that they have too much work to do, or are unable to finish their assigned work within the time given, then it’s important to investigate why this problem is occurring. Of course, if employeescomplain of being overworked, you don’tnecessarilyneed to make a hiring decision. It may mean that the current work structure or roles need to be restructured. However, it could also mean that you need to start seriously thinking about growing your workforce.

Increased Demand

Keeping ahead of the demand curve means making sure that as your business continues to grow, the size of your workforce also grows to meet the increased demand for more goods or services. Any growth in business is an amazing thing, but keep in mind the need to hire as your business gets larger. A growing business that doesn’t have a similarly growing workforce can lead to what we’ve already discussed: overworked employees who are left dissatisfied by the volume of work they’re expected to undertake.

Be Proactive

This is the most crucial rule when it comes to making hiring decisions. Always be proactive! In any hiring situation, the best thing for your business is being able to hire the best people for any given position. Great employees are what help drive growth and help usher in new phases of innovation and development. It’s important to avoid a situation where you are strapped for options, and need to hire someone as quick as possible to fill a vacant, or new, position. This is the scenario in which you are most likely to find yourself with a candidate who is not prepared for the job. Being proactive can help you avoid this situation. Keep track of trends in the job market and developments within your own workforce. Think about the hiring processand the need for new employees before the need arises in the first place. There will always be situations where an employee has to vacate their position unexpectedly, but being proactive can help you in this regard.

When filling any position, keep a file of candidates who were not right for that particular position, but who were standout candidates nonetheless. Instigate an employee referral system within your workplace; employees who are committed to their work are more likely to refer people who they believe would make a valuable contribution to your business. They will most likely be unwilling to vouch for someone they don’t actually believe will have a good job performance, because that would reflect poorly on them. Having a pool of referred candidates is a great way to ensure that you are ready to meet any sudden job vacancy.

Another great way of being proactive when it comes to hiring decisions is engaging with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies have access to the best pools of candidates, and do a lot of the proactive work for you. When a position becomes vacant that needs to be filled immediately, a staffing agency will have a list of names ready, all of whom have been screened and are guaranteed to be qualified for the position.

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